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    10 years experience in the R & D

    design of RFID antenna and tag.

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    Independent research and development,

    obtained a number of international patents.

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    More than 20 test equipments, Each

    product is inspected to ensure quality.

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    1 to 1 Expert service,

    free technology and after-sales service.

  • 10 + years

    experience in RFID project.

  • 20 +

    senior R & D engineers.

  • 1490 +

    Chosen by more than 1,490 integrators

  • 10000 +

    square meters of research and development test production site.

About Us

Leading solution provider of RFID Hardware.

Shenzhen Broadradio RFID Technology Co.,LTD (referred to as "Broadradio") is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and sales of RFID hardware products, including UHF RFID antenna, tag, portal, all-in-one reader, smart bookshelf ,smart file cabinets, RF cable, etc.

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R&D Center

Leading solution provider of RFID Hardware.

Broadradio has more than 20 excellent RFID antenna engineers, tag engineers, RF engineers, etc. We also have perfect R&D and testing equipment, including anechoic chamber, network analyzer, comprehensive tester, Tag performance analyzer. In addition, our RFID engineers have more than 10 years of experience in RFID projects.

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Production Base

Leading solution provider of RFID Hardware.

Broadradio has built more than 10,000 square meters R&D and production base in South China, more than 500 production staff to ensure production capacity, and equipped with more than 20 high-specification testing equipment to ensure product quality. Cooperated with over 2000 integrators including top-500 companies in the world. RFID hardware products are rich in variety to meet the needs of different application scenarios.

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Certificate and Honor

Broadradio obtained 30 items national patents and 10 items PCT international patents.

Circularly polarized broadband antenna patent certificate

New high temperature and metal resistant electronic label patent certificate

New high gain narrow beam circularly polarized antenna patent certificate

Small circularly polarized antenna patent certificate

Miniaturized narrow beam circularly polarized antenna patent certificate

Dual-frequency dual-purpose anti-metal label patent certificate

UHF band integrated RFID reader patent certificate

Unidirectional dual-polarization UWB antenna patent certificate

High gain narrow beam antenna patent certificate

Electronic wristband label patent certificate

Access Control (BRC-04C) Patent Certificate

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